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Accountable. Proactive. Confidential.

Biddle Group

For some, there comes a time when excelling in business and family overshadows one’s ability to simply enjoy life. When personal, financial and household details become too much to manage, time becomes the most precious commodity of all.

Imagine a professional firm solely dedicated to making your life easier. Imagine a firm that acts as your personal CFO by paying the bills, reconciling accounts, and coordinating your Family Office. Imagine a firm that fulfills your accountant’s information requests, while simultaneously researching ideal pricing for an opulent vacation to the Napa Valley. Imagine a firm that arranges for your garage to be organized and your holiday lights hung while you and your family are at Whistler for the weekend. Now imagine the Biddle Group.

Founded by an Executive Assistant with extensive experience working exclusively with high net-worth clients, the Biddle Group offers an unprecedented blend of personal financial management and household support. Augmenting traditional advisors, the Biddle Group maximizes effectiveness of wealth managers, attorneys and accountants by acting as your personal liaison. Biddle Group services often begin where other advisors end as we delve into time-consuming and often overwhelming day-to-day financial details.

Accustomed to delivering exceptional service for a discerning clientele, all Biddle Group engagements are tailored to each individual’s specifications. If our firm doesn’t perform a needed service, we tap into our extensive network, locate the ideal service providers, and oversee their work to ensure consistency with client requirements.

Ultimately, the Biddle Group is your first point of contact – Your needs become our needs, and we are driven to exceed your expectations without exception.