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Meet Our Team

Founded by an Executive Assistant with extensive experience working exclusively with high net-worth clients, the Biddle Group offers an unprecedented blend of personal financial management and household support.

Tom Turner is a partner in Biddle Group and specializes in all financial aspects of client management. With a background in accounting (University of Washington, 1993) Tom passed the CPA exam upon graduation. After a few years of working as an accountant in private industry, in 1996 Tom left the corporate world and spent 10 years as a managing partner in several small businesses, including a mortgage company, a residential appraisal company, a construction company and real estate investment holding firm.

As a result of running these businesses, Tom has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skill that uniquely qualifies him to navigate the many challenges confronting the high net worth family office. Experience in managing staff and the related human resources skills aid Tom in eliciting the best effort from those who work for and with him. An intimate understanding of cash flow, balance sheet and income statements at a granular level insures that your money is managed carefully and thoughtfully, allowing you to focus on your avocation secure in the knowledge that every penny that flows through your household(s) has been audited and accounted for, and tax obligations met with meticulous documentation. Tom is passionate about getting things done right the first time, and exhaustive communication with clients in all phases of any project he is engaged in.

Tom is a native of the Seattle area. Raised in Issaquah and a graduate of the Business School at the University of Washington, he presently lives in Ballard with his wife Helen, son Thor and daughter Georgia. He enjoys family, squash, skiing, traveling and reading.

Chris Biddle

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Chris Biddle is partner and founding member of Biddle Group and is responsible for managing the business as well as developing and maintaining client relationships. A native of Seattle, Chris spent time at the University of Washington before leaving school early to focus on running his family’s manufacturing firm, where he was responsible for multiple facets of the business.

A natural communicator, Chris enjoys building client relationships. Chris is project oriented and excels at managing construction projects including landscape construction, remodels of any scale, and interior organization and aesthetics. Chris also spends time assisting families and implementing home maintenance plans.

Chris enjoys golf, travel, gardening and spending time with his wife Kim and their two sons, Charlie & Miller.

Kim Biddle is founder and managing partner of Biddle Group. The company was born out of the desire of high level executives to have the same kind of superior service in their personal lives as they were receiving from Kim in the corporate world. Kim is legendary for her effectiveness at getting volumes of things done with seemingly little effort, but lots of smiles.

Kim has always had a knack for organization and as such is the organizational guru of Biddle Group. A top notch executive assistant, she also has 18 years of experience in property management, office management and event coordination as well as a strong background in bookkeeping and cash flow management. Kim works part time as an administrator for the Pacific NW chapter of the YPO and spends the rest of her time assisting Biddle Group clients.

Kim enjoys golf, travel, entertaining friends and family, and spending time with her husband Chris and their two sons, Charlie & Miller.

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